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Sliezky dom - alpine hotel

This mountain hotel is the one with the highest altitude (1,670m) in Slovakia and it connects nature and people by creating a unique place for comfort, relaxation and tourism. Thanks to its unique location it is possible to go straight out of there to the highest peak in Slovakia, Gerlach.

Poľský hrebeň ridge – Východná Vysoká peak

Moderately strenuous hike that leads through “Velická dolina“ valley. Along the way you can see “Velický vodopád” waterfall, “Kvetnicové pleso” lake, or very beautiful “Dlhé pleso” lake. The route is quite winding, therefore, it acts very interesting. When approaching “Poľská hrebeň”, it is necessary to use chains. From “Poľský hrebeň” you can continue to yellow mark straight to “Východná Vysoká” peak (2428 m).

Batizovské pleso lake

Easy, but relatively lengthy hike suitable also for children. Along the way you can see “Batizovské vodopády” waterfalls and many Tatra villages. From “Batizovské pleso” lake you can get to “Vyšné Hágy”, where the stop of Tatra electric railway is. You can also continue to cottage at “Popradské pleso” lake.

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