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    s detskými animáciami a retro diskotékou :)


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    Zážitok podobný kultovej komédii ANDĚL NA HORÁCH

Skalnaté pleso

To “Skalnaté pleso” (Rocky lake) you can be easily transported from Tatranska Lomnica by cable car. From “Skalnaté pleso” you can take cable car to “Lomnický štít” peak or chairlift to “Lomnické sedlo” saddle. From both of the places there are beautiful views of Tatra villages as well as “Malá Studená dolina” valley where is Téryho Chalet.

Chalet at Zelené pleso lake

Moderately strenuous hike. The hardest section is the climb from “Veľká Svišťovka” saddle (2023 m) where chains are used. Return is possible through the same route or get off the tourist path directly to Tatranska Lomnica or Tatranské Matliare. If you would like to be quick, it is good to use a route that leads to the bus stop “Biela voda” (White water). In this case, you need to expect to go to Tatranska Lomnica by regular bus transport.


“Hrebienok” is the starting point of several hiking trails. One can get to “Hrebienok” by funicular railway or by foot through the road or forest path (approx. 45 min.). More

Štart - Tatranská Lomnica

Pleasant walk is also path from “Skalnaté Pleso” to “Tatranská Lomnica”, which goes through “Malá Svišťovka” saddle and continues through the middle-stop of former cable car called “Štart”. The hiking tour ends at the lower station of the former cable car in “Tatranská Lomnica”.

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